Master your marketing data.

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A proven methodology.

Modern marketing technology lets you gather and store vast amounts of data. But more is not always better. Limiting your data collection to what you are able to use in your everyday marketing practice in (near) real time gives you focus and saves cost. Choose your online marketing technology stack based on your needs and ambitions and let your organization grow into applying it most efficiently.

Decades of experience in digital marketing has taught me, at René Nijhuis Digital Marketing the optimal path to becoming the data driven marketing giant you aim to be. The methodology consists of a combination of below project stories.

Story 1: Technology stack selection

In an industry where new technology is developed every day, it is a job in itself to stay on top of the latest developments. Together we will decide what technology stack is most suited for your specific situation based on an inventory of your current systems, your ambitions and the size of your organization.

Story 2: Implementation and activation

During the implementation phase, we work from your objectives and KPI’s to implement the tooling as required for your specific situation.

Story 3: Transformation and training

Only when your teams transform and adopt the new technology and workflows, will your organization truly change. By the end of the project, your people will be trained, fully informed and motivated to take on the new challenges.

Story 4: Data visualization

A concise overview of your performance on your most important KPI’s in a dashboard that is fully customizable, fully automated and with data as fresh as you need it. In the data architecture that the project team develops, we make sure data management is efficient and the visualization tool is easy to use and maintain.

Story 5: Data analysis and data science

I will work together closely with your BI and/or Data Science team to make sure their objectives are aligned the marketing department. With my broad experience in Attribution and ROPO analyses, I will guide their efforts and if necessary tap from my extensive network the skills and knowledge that may be lacking.



Please read below about some of the areas relating to Marketing Data and Technology that I, at René Nijhuis Digital Marketing have experience with. Find more areas of expertise on the Expertise page.


Data strategy

Making sure you gather correct, complete and relevant data over your marketing efforts. This means a thorough audit of your data architecture. Does your technology stack support your marketing ambition? Together we will develop a workflow to incorporate your data into your marketing execution.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics is the web statistics solution of choice for the large majority of companies. Now, with the Analytics 360 Suite, Google offers a complete, integrated set of online marketing tools that together with their campaign management platforms offers a one stop shop for the digital marketer.


Data management platforms

The buzzword in marketing in recent years has been Data Management Platforms. The tooling that lets you gather data on your audiences, your site visitors and clients to apply that data in real time by segmenting them in meaningful audiences that you then target based on their behavior. Many different types of tools have recently started to offer similar functionality (content management systems, tag management systems, audience centers, remarketing tools, recommendation engines), but few are purpose built for this specific task. Two stand out:


World leader in this space and for good reason, is Tealium. Their tool is mature and intuitive, their processes sound and their support effective. The tool consists of 3 main elements: iQ - the tag management system, Audience Stream, the central data hub, where selections and segments are made and DataAccess, that lets you export the data for further analysis outside of its confines. We are certified Tealium consultants and will lead your marketing team toward total Tealium proficiency, make sure the implementation is aligned with your objectives and help you quickly make a return on your investment (which for some organizations may be a non-trivial amount).


A rising star in the world of Data Management Platforms is the Dutch provider Relay42. Their solution has quickly gained significant market share in their home country, based on a combination of a technically advanced product, favorable market conditions and truly devoted staff. The tool has a similar setup as Tealium, with a tag management solution and an audience center. Always striving for the best technological solution and developing quickly, Relay42 is the challenger in the market.


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