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My name is René Nijhuis. I have been working in digital for the better part of 20 years. In the beginning as web editor and web manager for a company called Jobnet - best known in the Netherlands for their signature event called De Nationale Carrièrebeurs. Then in 2005,  I started working at Google Amsterdam, as what was then called a ‘creative maximizer’, an Adwords campaign strategist. In 2005 Google also launched Google Analytics and a year later I joined a European team of Analytics consultants to roll out this disruptive program for strategic clients in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia.


After Google, I joined my former Google colleagues at the agency they had started a couple of years earlier, called Netsociety. There I created a team around Google Analytics implementations and continue my mission of making clients embrace data driven marketing. Constantly innovating our consultancy service to include data driven marketing strategy, data management, data visualization and data science.


In 2015 I embarked on an MBA at Rotterdam School of Management and that experience convinced me that with the history, the network and the skillset I have, I should work as an independent consultant. That I started in February of 2017.


My goal is to bring accountability and purpose to digital marketing departments. For the longest time it has been relatively easy to show a positive ROI on digital marketing campaigns, but now that the market gets more crowded, the technology enables a personal approach, on the one hand letting customers’ expectations rise and on the other fueling privacy worries, the marketer’s task is getting increasingly technical, data centric, judicial and strategic, touching the domain of many teams in the organization. 

With a clear plan of action, your business can make this transformation smoothly and successfully.

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