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Please find below a description of some recent client projects, to give you a taste of what René Nijhuis Digital Marketing can achieve for your organization.


An incumbent in the world of finance, ABN AMRO is rapidly transforming into a fintech powerhouse. Smash hit apps like Tikkie (mobile payment requests), Grip (complete financial overview and advice) and Kendu (quick and easy microloans) prove the value of having a start-up mentality inside a stable work environment. At the same time, a lot of work remains on the banking backbone systems in order to be personal and relevant at the scale needed for a top three bank in the Netherlands. The assignment here consists of leading a team of data specialists transform their day to day jobs, while contributing to a project to redraw the marketing data architecture.

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Tommy Hilfiger Europe

Through partner Pervorm, the assignment came about to optimize and personalize Tommy Hilfiger’s marketing campaigns with help of their newly implemented Salesforce DMP. Various use cases were worked out, to define audiences, personalize messages across all channels and platforms, and measure outcomes. We developed flowcharts and storyboards to visualize the customer journey of our audiences and important learnings were made regarding the type of campaign this strategy will work with.

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International Bike Group

This Dutch retailer is the largest bike seller in the Netherlands and is growing fast, both nationally and internationally. Their next frontier is an omnichannel sales and marketing strategy, where clients experience first class service through their online channels and in their brick and mortar shops seamlessly. Customer journeys are tracked across different platforms and environments and campaigns optimized using a central datahub, continuous analysis and smart technology. 

Together with their prizewinning BI department and various stakeholders in the organization, we created a central datahub for product information, where product, stock, price and engagement data was brought together in one single view. Key information for a variety of departments in the organisation, the data was groomed, merged and prepared for use in automated optimization platform.

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ASICS Europe

This Japanese sports attire brand has their European head office in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. From there, it runs all sales and marketing operations for the region. Their challenge is to translate global directives into localized marketing efforts for the entire linguistically and culturally fragmented region.  Their increasing use of marketing technology, like for instance Tealium, helps them automate that process as much as possible, gather valuable customer data and personalize their messaging, both on their website and in their marketing.  Here marketing data was visualized in an automated dashboard, the Tealium implementation supported and various workshops held with the teams in order to get them up to speed. 

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This client is Europe’s largest social network for the LGBT community and has offices in Amsterdam and Berlin.  Active since the late nineties, they were a first mover in many markets and still the platform of choice on both web and app. Their constant drive for innovation has led them to adopt a marketing driven organisation, where user data is key, but where for obvious reasons privacy is an even bigger issue than in other companies. Balancing the need to understand their members’ intentions without breaching their own high standards in data security and privacy, made this assignment particularly challenging and exciting.

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Pervorm is the young, bold and energetic digital marketing agency that has offices in both Amsterdam and Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam. With a fresh take on the issues that their clients face in this day and age, their offering is both unique and very relevant.

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Adbirds is the global network of ex-Googlers who work independently as contractors and together form one of the most prominent digital marketing agencies in the world, with clients like Google, Microsoft, Puma, Carhartt and many more.

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Tealium is global market leader in the space of data management platforms. The tool consists of four major pillars: the Tag Management solution IQ, Eventstream to gather and unify all customer events both online and offline, AudienceStream, the customer data platform itself and DataAccess, for raw data export. Together they form a suite of datasolutions that is robust, user friendly and extremely flexible. Together with a world class implementation service and customer support, it’s a hard to beat package.

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Objective Partners

According to their own website, the mission of Objective Partners, is “to bring transparency and mathematical optimization to the world of marketing and media.“  To this end, they developed a tool called the Media Budget Optimizer, that based on statistical modeling calculates the uplift in success metrics generated by each of the applied channels and other influencing factors individually.

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