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Digital marketing defined.

Digital marketing is about knowing your audience, reading their actions, understanding their needs and catering for those at the right time, in the right place. Making sure your message is personal and relevant.

More than ever, marketing is about data and technology, understanding the possibilities and mastering the skill to sift through heaps of data to apply only what really matters.

This may sound like a lot, but when René Nijhuis Digital Marketing helps you stack the right building blocks in a meaningful way, it is within reach also for your organization. Are you curious?


What's new?

Most digital marketing agencies make their money on an hourly basis, buying media, optimizing search marketing campaigns. This business model works counterproductive to innovation for a number of reasons and clients increasingly don't accept that anymore.

I come from the data, insights and technology side of the business. This is where currently most innovation happens and that is why I have made it the core of René Nijhuis Digital Marketing consultancy.

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With twenty years of experience in digital marketing, René Nijhuis Digital Marketing aims to be the partner of choice to bring about your digital transformation. The most recent projects are listed on the page Work, to give you a taste of what we together can achieve for your organization.

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