Digital marketing done right

is a conversation.


...but to engage, you have to speak the language of your visitors.

What sets digital marketing apart from more traditional marketing practices, is its conversational nature. In the old days the advertiser used to broadcast its message to the public and hoping for something to stick.

Nowadays you are telling a story that gets adapted individually by the feedback your users give.  Failing to read your users' response will result in irritation with the user and loss of campaign effectiveness.

Learning to read the non verbal feedback your visitors give on your marketing efforts, is therefore key to a successful campaign. Are they for instance seeing the ad, interacting, pausing, clicking, bouncing, browsing, buying? Segmenting them based on this feedback allows you to specify your message to each type; their stage in the buying cycle, their interests, their location, their needs and wants.

René Nijhuis Digital Marketing helps you on your way.  Are you ready for the challenge?


A proven methodology.

Decades of experience in digital marketing has taught René Nijhuis Digital Marketing the optimal path to becoming the data driven marketing giant that you aim to be. The methodology consists of a number of below project stories.

Story 1: Audience building and maintenance

Having created a ‘single view of the visitor’ during the Data and Technology phase of your marketing optimization project, we now can filter and segment your visitors in useful and meaningful audiences. An audience is a subset of your total visitor base, that you give a label based on their observed behavior. With this label you can then specify messages and content to the right person, at the right time, using the most effective channel. We make sure your audiences are both meaningful and useful and all your channels are connected.


Story 2: Campaign strategy

Channels play a different role in various stages of the conversion funnel and therefore require a different approach in terms of message, tone of voice and call to action. Modern targeting techniques let us practice ‘storytelling’, which adjusts the nature of the creatives, depending on prior visitor interactions. We work together on the optimal strategy to let all your media work in sync.


Story 3: Marketing automation

An increasing number of organizations make a significant investment in modernizing their digital marketing technology stack. This is a great development, but marketing is still done by humans, for humans. The skillset of your team needs to therefore reflect the complexity of your technical architecture. Before, an army of marketers created and optimized campaigns, now they analyse the data and based on their insight adjust the tool setup. That requires a fundamentally different skillset. Together we realize the digital transformation of your marketing department.


Story 4: Campaign measurement and optimization

All success in digital marketing relies on you knowing and understanding its performance. For this a structured measurement plan is required, that is carefully executed and conscientiously maintained. Only then can the data be trusted and applied for automated optimization of campaign and sales performance.



Please read below about some of the areas relating to Marketing Campaigns that René Nijhuis Digital Marketing has experience with. Find our other areas of expertise on the Expertise page.

Audience targeting

Applying functionality in your marketing technology stack, we will segment your visitors into meaningful and practical audiences, to then be able to target them using all connected channels. The principle of ‘one view of the customer’, allows us to keep adding data points to increasingly accurate and colorful audience profiles.

Programmatic buying

Automation in online marketing took a flight with the rise of programmatic buying of digital advertising space. Publishers can put their unsold inventory on marketplaces, where they can sell it to the highest bidder in lightning fast auctions. Where this in itself makes it possible to run large campaigns with relatively compact teams, the optimization of these campaigns cannot be left to the technology entirely.


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